Therapy with Chanel

Welcome, it’s an honor to find you here

Hello! My name is Chanel and I provide in-person & virtual psychotherapy services to children, teens, and adults in both individual and couples/relationship therapy.

Finding the right therapist is such an important task, and I look forward to helping you discover if I’m the right fit for your healing journey.

My approach to therapy is integrative, trauma-informed, and prioritizes the body’s wisdom. Together, we can become curious about patterns and stories that maybe once kept you safe, but no longer serve you. I’m here to support and nurture your growth toward a more authentic self, while collaborating on how to get there. I draw upon various somatic practices and modalities to access deeper truths about your experiences and create a more present self. Somatic work, where we nurture the mind/body connection, helps us see how our body stores stress and trauma so we can work to release and process it. Laughter and humor (especially dark humor) are also big cornerstones of my practice. 

My goal is to create a culturally-affirming space where we acknowledge and navigate systemic barriers that block the path to your authenticity. You are the expert of your experience and I’m here as a witness, advocate, guide, and mirror, always adjusting to meet your needs. I look forward to co-creating a space just for you!